Mints Wrapped


Individually wrapped mints. Ideal for the front reception desk, after dinner treat or just having a handful in the glovebox!

 Gluten Free: Please note only the 1kg bulk bags are certified Gluten Free. While this product is Gluten-free from the manufacturer We can not guarantee any of the other bag sizes are Gluten Free as those are packed in an environment where Gluten containing products are packed.

Colour: White
Flavour: Mint
Origin: New Zealand
Count per Kg: 350 approx
Measurements: 15mm (mint) approx. 55mm x20mm x 5mm (including wrapper)

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup (from corn), Water, Anticaking Agents (553, 570, Mineral Oil). Flavours, Colour (171), Glazing Agent (903, Vegetable Oil).