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black and red, black and red berries, berry lollies, black and red lollies
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Cherry Rock, Old Fashioned Rock, Cherry, Rock Candy
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medium hearts, red, gold, silver, foiled hearts
chupa chups, bubblegum, fairy floss, chupa chups bubblegum, novelty lollies
From $2.49
strawberry blowpipes, strawberry lollies, sugared blowpipes, blowpipe lollies
k bars, whittakers k bars, whittakers nz, nz lollies
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K Bars
From $5.61
Raspberry Licorice pieces, Raspberry Licorice, Liquorice Pieces, Raspberry Pieces
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Licorice Rolls Raspberry, Raspberry Licorice, Licorice Rolls
Gummi Raspberries, Gummy Raspberries, Red Lollies, Raspberry Lollies
From $2.49
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razzoo, razzoo chews, mayceys lollies, nz lollies, chews
Red, Red lollies, Red frogs, Frogs, frog lollies, gummies, frog gummies, red gummies
red lips, gummy lips, filled lollies, nz lollies, gummies
sour cherry cola bottles, cola bottles, cherry lollies, sour cola bottles
Sour Hearts
From $2.49
Sour Peach Hearts. Sour Peach, Peach Hearts, Peach Lollies, Sour Peach Lollies
sour strawberry bites, strawberry lollies, strawberry candy, sherbet filled, sugared
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strawberry kisses, strawberry gummi, strawberry lollies, strawberry swirl, gummis, red and white lollies, candy
Strawberry Swirls, strawberry lollies, strawberry gummi, christmas colours
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