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Licorice Sheets (Pack of 2)


Black or red licorice sheets (packs of 2) ready for elevating your cake designs. Cut out the shapes, use as a base, its a great way to make your cake a tasty masterpiece! 



Colours: Black or red
Flavours: Licorice, raspberry
Measurements: 200mm x 200mm squares (approx)

Ingredients: (red) Wheat flour, sugar, glucose syrup, food acids (330, 331,334), hydrogenated vege oil, flavour, colours (123,129,132,150c, 150d) humectant (420), salt, glazing agent (904), maltodextrin, gelatine 

Black - Wheat flour, sugar, glucose syrup, molasses treacle, licorice extract, ted vegatable fat, humectant, salt, glazing agent, emulisfer (471) flavour, colour