Jet Planes (Promo Bags) Multicolour approx 5's


Delicious Jet Planes that you may remember from your childhood. 
These fruity flavoured gummy lollies are sure to be a hit. The perfect treat for your businesses, kids parties, or those afternoon snacks. 

Made for your promotion, 5 per bag making these a cost effective treat for clients or events. Pick your colour!

Looking for something more customised, or bulk quantities?

Contact us today and we can send you a no-obligation quote, or  Click here and have your promo bags custom made your way!

Colours: You choose!
Flavours: Various
Origin:  New Zealand

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup (wheat and corn), invert sugar thickener (1401 from wheat), gelatine, food acid (330), colours (163, spirulina, 160(c), 100) glazing agent (vegatable oil 903) flavours, contains wheat