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Candy Sushi


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Sushi Anyone???? 28-piece sushi pack you could easily share with friends or eat the 9 piece by yourself. These are so cool and really look great...you can't go wrong with these as a gift to surprise everyone at your next pot-luck.

Ingredients:  Sugar, glucose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, water, wheat flour, gelatine, acids (citric, malic, lactic, fumaric), modified starch, stabilizers (sorbitol, glycerol), dextrose, concentrated grape juice, Vege oil (coconut, palm), gelling agent (pectin), concentrates (beetroot, sweet potato, pumpkin, apple, tomato, radish, black carrot), colours (paprika extract, sulphate ammonia caramel, Vege carbon, curcumin, carmine, brilliant blue, emulsifiers (mono-& diglycerides of fatty acids, fully hydrogenated rapeseed oil, antioxidants (ascorbic acids, tocopherol rich extract), glazing agents (carnauba wax, beeswax white and yellow), acidity regulator (trisodium citrate), cocoa butter

Contains; Wheat and Sulphate