Blong Gum


Blong bubblegums are delicious! Each different flavour has a great taste and texture, as well as fun colours and patterns.

The mixed bag will contain a variety of flavours such as Watermelon, Cola, Acai, Acai with Guarana, Grape, Tutti Frutti, Neopolitan, Yogurt, Strawberry, Energy with Guarana 

Or the Blong Energy is a pineapple/raspberry flavour. 



Ingredients:  Sugar, corn syrup, gum base, sorbitol, glycerin, artificial flavours, maltodextrin, citric acid, corn starch, Emulsifiers SOYBEAN lecthin, Arabic gum, stabilizer, hydronated vege fat, glazing agent, carnauba wax, inorganic colour, titanium dioxide EEC E171