Big Lollipops


We have an awesome range of lollipops to suit any situation. Whether you want something the size of your hand or bigger than your head, we've got the lollipop for you! 

With a delicious fruity rock candy flavour and swirled colourful designs these lollipops are as fun as they are delicious. 

As these lollipops are hand made, the colours, patterns and final size will differ per lollipop. If you would like an exact measurement or to see the current designs, contact us today. 

Approx Sizes (diameter):

$6.50: 13cm
$19.95: 19cm
$32.95: 23cm 
$120: 65cm  (est. 15kg's!!!). 



Shipping: Please note that our $120 lollipop is approx 15kg and to ensure safe shipping would need to be sent as freight on a pallet. Due to that, freight will be advised after purchase. Depending on where you are in the country, the cost is likely to be around $60.