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Lucky Dip (Promo Bags)


Want some Promo 2 Go packs but want a mixture of lollies?

Our Lucky Dip boxes are exactly that - you might get Jet Planes, Jellybeans in any sort of colour combination, Jaffas, Allsorts, Pineapple Lumps or just about anything we've created.

The mix of the box is random, and may contain one product, or several. Generally each box will have a mix of 3+ different lollies and we'll do our best to mix these up for you.

(These bags are spares / over runs from custom promotional runs, or may be end of line stock, sample bags etc). 

The Lucky Dip 200 box contains 200 larger bags of lollies. Generally around 40g + for example, 20 jelly beans per bag, 5 Jet Planes etc.

The Mini Lucky Dip 200 box contains 200 smaller bags of lollies. Generally around 25-30g + for example, 10-15 Jelly Beans per bag, 3 Jet Planes etc. 

Need something more consistent? Labels or custom made bags?  Maybe mix of 2 or more treats in each bag? Get in touch with us and we'll help create your custom mix.

Colours: Various
Flavours: Various
Origin: New Zealand and imported.

Bags differ in products, and size and weight - its a Lucky Dip!