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KitKat Chunky Duo 64g


Have a break...have a KitKat!! What can we do but say it twice with 64g of classic chunky goodness? Perfect for passing around with pals.

Ingredients: Sugar, Milk Solids, wheat flour, cocoa butter, vegetable fat, emulsifiers (Soy, Lechthin, cocoa mass, chocolate paste (milk, soy, wheat) emulsifiers soy letchin 476, cocoa, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate) salt, yest, flour. 

Caramel: Sugar, milk solids, cocoa butter, vege fat (emulsifier Soy, lecithin) wheat flour, cocoa mass, sweetened condensed milk (milk, sugar), glucose syrup, chocolate paste (milk, soy, wheat), Emulsifer (soy lecithin 476) cocoa, salt, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), yeast, flour