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Pick n Mix

1) Build your own unique mix by adding as many different  Pick n Mix lollies as you want to your cart.

2) We'll combine everything together and get your delicious mixture ready to go.

3) Wait by the letterbox for your lollies to arrive!


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Sour kiwifruit slices, kiwifruit, sour kiwifruit, kiwi slices
Filled Brains, brain lollies, brain candy, blue filled brains
car lollies, race cars, jelly cars, candy cars, nz made
turtle lollies, gummy turtles, candy turtles
Pirate Skull lollies, Gummi Pirate Skulls
Cats heads lollies, Cat heads
Melon Licorice Bites
Pina Colada Lollies, Pina Colada Slices
Giant Strawberries & Cream, Strawberry and Cream
Sour Blue Raspberry Hearts
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Spicy Mussels, Sour Mussels, Mussel Lollies
Twisted Hearts, Twisted Gummy Hearts, Heart Lollies
Sour Volcano lollies, Sour volcanoes
Hairy Spiders, lollies, spider lollies, spooky lollies
Sour Octopus Lollies, Sour lollies, Octopus lollies, sour octopus
Seashell Lollies, Sea Shell Lollies
Chocolate Raisin Pick n Mix
Chocolate Almonds Pick n Mix
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Old English Lollipops, Pick n Mix Lollipops, Suckers, NZ Made Lollipops
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TNT Lollipops Pick n Mix, TNT Pop, Sour Lollipop
Gummy penguin pick n mix. Black & white gummi penguin lollies, penguin
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Gummi Skull lollies, Pick n Mix lollies, pick n mix NZ
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Sold Out
Milk Chocolate Caramel, Caremels, Chocolate Caramels, Milk Choc Caramels
122 results