Spiro Colours 7g


Spiro colours sweets are laces in a roll. Each pack has 2 colours which are 2 different flavours. The purple lace is blackcurrant flavour, yellow lace is banana flavour, green lace is apple flavour, orange lace is peach flavour, red lace is strawberry flavour and the blue lace is blueberry flavour.  Unroll slowly or all at once -----how long is your spiro?

These are selected randomly unless you contact us


Ingedients: Glucose and fruitose syrup, wheat flour (Gluten) sugars, starch, vegetable fat (Palm, coconut), vegetable oil (pal, coconut), acids 330,270, acidity regulators 325,331, flavourings, emilsifiers 471, salt, humectant 422, colours 102,110,129,133,171.

Made in factory that slso handles milk deliveries