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Heart Breaker Box


There are many ways to show someone you love them, or perhaps that you don't. Just not that into Valentine's? Wanting to remind someone they broke your heart? Our anti-valentines heart breaker box is a great way to say no thank you to the holiday of love. 

With TNT's, Destroyer Bubble Gum and a giant broken heart, send one of these novelty gifts to the people in your life who just want cupid to stay away this year.

Boxes will be sent anonymously unless otherwise requested. Add a gift card at checkout and we will add that to your order.

If you are only sending the box, choose the $10 Shipping included option, to avoid higher shipping costs at checkout.
Free shipping only applies to the $5 box.

These will be packed in a white box. filled with shredded paper in the bottom, approx 12 TNT's, One broken Mega Heart Lollipop, and four destroyer bubblegum packets. If one of these products is out of stock, we'll find something as equally anti valentine's to fill the gap.