Gift Jars


We've put together a range of gift jars filled with a delicious range of sweet treats. These make a cute gift for any sweet-toothed person in your life.

Choose your filling, add an optional label and we'll do the rest! 

Jersey Caramels: Jersey Caramels are a classic and remain one of our most popular lollies. With a smooth creamy, caramel flavour you can't go wrong.

Eclair Mix: A bright mixture of both chocolate and coffee eclairs. This combo stands out, looking as great as it tastes. 

Sweet n Sour Mix: The best of both worlds! A great mix of gummi lollies that have been coated in either sour or plain sugar. You're sure to find many new favourites in this mix.

Pink/White Sour Hearts: These cute little hearts are a sweet gift to send to someone and they taste amazing.

Mixed Berries: A mixture of colourful gummi berries. Bursting with juicy, fruit flavour.

Glo Hearts: Glo Hearts are a polarising lolly that you either love or hate! But they are a favourite with many kiwis. They have an aniseed taste.