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Cavendish & Harvey Duo Flavour Tins


New Cavendish and Harvey Tins for Christmas.  These new flavours all have a tasty complimenting filling.  Caramel with Belgium chocolate, Lemon with Strawberry, Caramel with arabica Coffee, Blackcurrant and apple, Liquorice with Liquorice extract and Cherry with Lime.  Always a great christmas present for the Oldies.


Ingredients (may contain milk): Blackcurrant/Apple:Glucose syrup, sugar, fruit juice concentrates (blackcurrant,apple) citric acid, dextrose, coloursing plant extracts (black carrot,yellow carrot, spirilina, natural flavourings fruit juices.  Licorice: glucose syrup, sugar, licorice extract, salmiac salt, dextrose, natural flavouring colour, ammonia, caramel, salt.  Cherry/Lime: Glucose syrup, sugar, fruit juice concentrates(sour cherry,lime) citric acid, dextrose, colouring plant extracts(yellow carrot, beetroot, spirilina), natural flavourings.  Lemon/Strawberry: Glucose syrup, sugar, fruit juice (lemon/strawberry) citric acid, dextrose, colouring plant extracts (yellow carrot) natural flavourings. Caramel/Coffee: glucose syrup, sugar, sweetened condenced skim milk, sweet whey powder, coffee preperation (glucose syrup, sweetened condensed skimm milk, dextrose, instant coffee (Arabica flavouring), pure butter fat, salted butter, salt, emulsifiers, sun flower lecthin.  Caramel/Chocolate:  Glucose syrup, sugar, sweetened condensed skilled milk, dark chcolate, cocoa paste, sugar emulsifiers (soy,lecithin) natural vanilla flavour, sweet whey powder, pure butterfat, salted butter, salt, emulsifier, sunflower, lecithin