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assorted rock, rock candy, pick n mix
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blackballs, old fashioned lolly, hard boiled lollies, pick n mix
blackberries and raspberries, lollies, nz lollies, pick n mix
Sour Blue Raspberry Hearts, heart lollies, pick n mix, heart gummy
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blue volcanoes, volcano lollies, nz lollies, pick n mix
boysenberries and cream, berries and cream, nz lollies, pick n mix
candy banana, banana lollies, pick n mix, banana
 chocolate almonds, chocolate covered, almonds
caramel chocolate chips, caramel chocolate, chocolate buds, pick n mix
chocolate fish, fish, marshmallow fish, pick n mix
Chocolate Raisin Pick n Mix
milk bottles, milk bottle lollies, real milk, nz lollies, pick n mix
coconut clusters, coconut rough, chocolate coconut, pick n mix
cola bottles, gummy cola bottles, gummy, pick n mix
crocodiles, crocodile lollies, mayceys lollies, pick n mix
lolly scramble, deluxe. lolly scramble, lolly mix, pick n mix
Dominion Mix, Mayceys NZ, Maycey's lollies, hard boiled, pick n mix, pick n mix nz
eskimo, eskimo lollies, explorers, explorer lollies, pick n mix
feijoa and cream, fruit and cream, nz lollies, pick n mix
Filled Brains, brain lollies, brain candy, blue filled brains
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fizzies, fizzy lollies, nz lollies, pick n mix
fruit burst, fruit bursts, pascall lollies, nz lollies, pick n mix
fruit puff, lolly cake, fondant lollies, pick n mix
fruit rings, lolly rings, gummy rings, pick n mix
fruit sticks, nz lollies, kiwi lollies, pick n mix
Giant Strawberries & Cream, Strawberry and Cream, pick n mix, gummy lollies, strawberry lollies
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glo hearts, aniseed lollies, aniseed, heart lollies, nz lollies
granny mints, mints, lollies nz, pick n mix
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gummy bears, gummy, gummies, pick n mix
Hairy Spiders, lollies, spider lollies, spooky lollies
hard jubes, jubes, jube lollies
horror mix, scary lollies, scary gummies, gummy horror mix
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