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Gummi Flower Lollies, Flower candy, flowers, lollyshop, lollies
From $3.99
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chocolate peanuts, peanuts, chocolate, choc peanut, choc peanuts, lollyshop
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chocolate coffee beans, chocolate coffee, coffee beans, choc coffee beans, coffee beans, chocolate, lollyshop
flower lollies, flower gummies, flower candy, flowers, happy flowers
chocolate hearts, chocolate button hearts, candy hearts, heart lollies
hokey pokey, chocolate hokey pokey, chocolate, honeycomb
Chocolate Raspberries, Choc Raspberries, Raspberries, Chocolate Raspberry Lollies, lollyshop
raspberry allsorts, licorice allsorts, licorice, allsorts
Strawberry Rock Candy, Strawberry Rock, Strawberry Lollies, LollyShop NZ
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chocolate strawberry hearts, choc hearts, strawberry hearts
Double hearts, heart lollies, heart gummis, pink and white hearts, love candy, love lollies
Double Hearts
From $3.99
Chocolate Almonds, Choc Almonds, Christmas Chocolate, LollyShop, Lollies
eclairs, chocolate eclairs, wrapped, lollyshop, lollies
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Big Fish, Rainbow, Giant Chocolate Fish, Raspberry Chocolate Fish, Choc Fish, Chocolate Fish
chocolate coconut clusters. Coconut Rough, Coconut Clusters, LollyShop, LollyShop nz
Cadbury Chocolate Fish, Chocalate Fish, Marshmallow Chocolate Fish
Chocolate Fish
From $1.20
Chocolate Pretzels, Choc coated pretzels, pretzels, chocolate, sweet, salty, lollyshop
Sold Out
bounty bar, coconut chocolate, chocolate bars, bounty chocolate
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